Mission of the HeartBD2K Center of Excellence

The success and development of this BD2K Center came from the careful, longstanding pursuit of Big Data Science by the investigator team. This collaborative effort has resulted in multiple workshops and tutorials organized and led by key investigators of this team, including two informatics workshops at the National Institutes of Health on Data and OMICS integration. This BD2K investigator team has taken on a leadership role in the development of Data Science and these efforts are widely respected by the scientific community and recognized by NIH through this award.


The NIH Center of Excellence for Big Data Computing at UCLA assembles six international investigator teams in cardiovascular medicine, data science, and computational biology.

Focus on

The 25 significant contributors have had a long record of collaboration, with over 50 joint and collaborative publications.


We share a collective mission to advance cardiovascular medicine through innovations in data science platforms and tools to enlist community contributions in Big Data computing.

An International BD2K Investigator Team

Six participating institutions led by 25 significant contributors.

The NIH BD2K Consortium

The 11 NIH BD2K Centers of Excellence, the LINCS-BD2K Perturbation Data Coordination and Integration Center, and the Data Discovery Index Coordination Consortium work synergistically towards a common goal.


We work with the other NIH BD2K Centers to:

  • Promote intra-Consortium collaborations
  • Participate in Data Science policy making
  • Ensure consistent compliance of all NIH policies


All Centers share the following operational responsibilities to:

  • Share and standardize DSR products and datasets
  • Promote interoperability of Consortium-wide software tools
  • Support Consortium-wide DSR developer training


We serve the scientific community and public to:

  • Organize hands-on workshops for the scientific community
  • Educate the general public via social media and games
  • Explore commercial partnerships with industries